Brewers in Kent


  • Petes

    Oh yes I do like that. Might just be cos one is a Man of Kent. Would you like some more run of the mill examples. Don’t think I can compete with many of those

  • Dale Adams

    Love the Fremlin’s label. Wish I had that one in my collection!

  • Alastair Wallace

    Any chance of seeing the Phillips label from West Malling Abbey Brewery in the Kent breweries gallery? The beer has gone, but, with luck, someone in the flats or houses which have been converted from the old brewery might be doing a home brew there from time to time. Let’s hope so – breweries need to be brewed in!
    The Phillips dynasty were to the brewing industry as the Tudors were to the royalty industry. The family had breweries all over England and Wales. (Just like the Tudors they didn’t get into Scotland!) There are some fabulous articles in the Brewery History Society’s Journal about them – well worth a read.

  • Alastair Wallace

    By the way, what a magnificent collection from the men of Kent.

  • Dale Adams

    Really some great labels here from Kent!
    Anyone out there got one from the Sandwich Brewery to add to this great collection????

  • ian warren

    Have you heard of the edenbridge-eden bridge brewery if so do you know anything about them.

  • paul maitland

    Love all these lables i have lots of the bottles which thay would have gone on fantastic also have different types as well

  • Guy sankey

    Brilliant collection, I was wondering if the owner of The Edwards of Tenterden Stout Label would allow me to have a scan and be allowed to reproduce it . I am running a Facebook thread on Edwards Grosvenor Brewery Tunbridge Wells on a TW site. All part of my research into the breweries of TW.
    Odadiah Edwards moved out to The Vine Brewery in 1872 leaving his sons to run the TW Brewery, they eventually joined him in partnership and flourished till take over by Jude Hanbury in 1922.

  • Charlie Hanbury

    I am hunting for old family memorabilia and was wondering if you knew anyone selling any Hanbury brewery bits? Either Jude Hanbury or Truman, Hanbury and Buxton.

    Any help would be gratefully excepted

    Charlie Hanbury


    Am interested in buying some Sharpe & Winch Beer mats if they still exist. Can you help please?

    Many thanks

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