Brewery Buildings #2; The Cliff Brewery, Ipswich

Next up is an attractive label from Tolly Cobbold with a lovely view of the former Cobbold Brewery in Ipswich. When I picked this label out, I thought it was really modern, but of course it is 25 years old. The brewery closed in 2002. A similar view to that on the label, although from a much lower viewpoint can be seen here.  Cliff Brewery

Tolly IPS Pride


  • Steve Baker

    A finely detailed illustration of classic Victorian brewery architecture, designed by on of the most prolific of brewery architects, William Bradford (who incidentally was also responsible for designing Catchpole’s Unicorn Brewery, also in Ipswich). The New Cliff Brewery illustrated was built in 1894-96 and replaced the Old Cliff Brewery, parts of which dated from 1736. Although some parts of the old brewery survived the 1894 building works, they were demolished in 1901-4 to allow for expansion of the brewery and increased capacity.

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Now that is the sort of comment I like to read. A real bit of history for those of us keen on that sort of thing. Surely this is the kind of response the webmaster is looking for. Looking forward to Alastair’s comments, he always has something interesting to say.

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