Brewery Buildings #5; Duluth Malting and Brewing Company

You will all have realised I couldn’t resist a label or two from the United States. The Duluth Malting & Brewing Company operated from 1896 until prohibition stopped all brewing activities in 1920. It restarted beer production in 1933 and continued until closure in 1966. This label probably dates from the late 1930s and it raises a question. Is the depicted brewery a realistic image of the actual establishment or is it a stock image used by the printer and could appear on the products of a number of different companies? I am sure I have seen the same image on another label and no amount of research has enabled me to come up with an answer.

Duluth B & M


  • Peter D

    Had an email from Ken in Minnesota. He told me that the same brewery image appeared in a Castle Brew label from the Upper Peninsular Brewing Co in Marquette, Michigan which dates from 1900. That;s cleared that up, a stock photo from the printers catalogue. Thanks Ken.

  • Nathan J Fisher

    Hi Peter, to answer your question, this is a bird’s-eye view of a real brewery in Marquette, Michigan. This exact beer was brewed by the Upper Peninsula Brewing Company. Originally, this beer was called The label was created by the Wilmanns Bros. of Milwaukee.

    This beer was originally called “Drei-Kaiser” and was the flagship beer of the Upper Peninsula Brewing Company in the late 1800s to early 1900s. The U.P.B.C. was producing 20,000-25,000 bbls of Drei-Kaiser annually. After the onset of WWI, the name was changed to Castle-Brew and brewed in mass until prohibition closed the brewery.

    If you have a moment, can you please e-mail me a high-res version of this? I would super appreciate it!

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