Brewery Buildings #8; The Irwell Works Brewery

From Sweden to Ramsbottom; where else could you get such an easy transition? Not so much a building, more the part of the building which produces the goods. And very, very nice goods too, fortunately only a couple of miles away for me. Bonus points if you can name the river and the tower in the background, extra bonus points if you can say who the tower is named after and why.

Irwell Works


  • Dale Adams

    Always nice to see those shinning copper domes of a traditional brew plant! Beautiful!

  • The Welsh Whippet

    Err, River Irwell by any chance. The Peel Monument or Holcombe Tower.

  • Peter D

    River Irwell!! What on earth gave you that clue?.
    It is indeed the Peel Tower. But you just get bonus points, not extra bonus points.

  • The Welsh Whippet

    No xtra points, well!! How does Pele Tower do then, named after similar defensive towers on the Scottish Borders?

  • Charlie D

    Any points for visiting the brewery and sampling the beer? I was lucky enough to be in Ramsbottom on Saturday and even luckier to be able to try this beer (among other fine ales the brewery has to offer). Nice to the see the 2013 and 2014 label of the year award on display as well. An idea for another pub crawl dawns…

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