Desert Island Beer Labels #1

So here they come, in no particular order. I was born in Gillingham. Best football team in Kent, and lived in Strood until I was 12 years old. My father wasn’t the world’s heaviest drinker, probably 100 units in his entire 96 years, but I can remember him talking about Budden and Biggs Body Building Beverages, pointed out where the brewery was and showed me a pub wall with a faded advert on it. Actually when I thought about it much later Budden & Biggs Body Building Beverages works really well. However, at that age I was strangely unimpressed with the information.  About 15 years ago I acquired my first label and courtesy of an auction house near Nottingham added this label to my collection a couple of years later. Simple use of the belt and buckle, uncomplicated, red/black always good. Love it.

Budden & Biggs

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