Desert Island Labels & Other Additions

As I am sure many of you have enjoyed Peter D’s choice of labels for the above & bearing in mind that we have other collectors choices in the pipeline. We have added a new menu option to take you straight to the completed set of labels. We will do likewise for new choices once the whole ten are completed on the blog page. So to see all ten, just hover over the ‘My Desert Island Labels’ and once the Peter D choice appears click on it. Et voila, Peters labels in all their glory.

You will also find a couple of new Mansfield labels, together with a new Richard Whitaker and a new Carter, Milner & Bird. There is also an image of a Bass Crest  Brewery label, which predates Robert Meiklejohn. All of these are in the relevant sections of our Featured Brewery pages.

We hope you enjoy the new additions & updates & as always we look forward to your feedback, good or bad! So use the Contact Us page, as our webmaster is chained to his laptop/tablet/PC, whatever, in anticipation of your comments.

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