FIFA World Cup Fever #2 & Spot The Difference #41

Well someone had to dig out the old (yes 48 years) favourite. Did you watch England win the World Cup live in 1966?? The Jules Rimet trophy in those far off days. If so you probably remember the name of the mascot on the labels below.

Watney Mann - World Cup Ale

And never let it be said we do not give good value for our post (unlike a certain national service provider), a Spot The Difference & World Cup #2 all in one post. Just lazy really!

Now if you remember the mascots name, what was the name of the dog who found the Jules Rimet trophy after it was stolen.

“Step away from the search button, now Sir!”


  • Peter D

    I don’t have the pre- minimum contents version in my collection. Was it produced in 1965 or was there a neck/back label with the contents?

    As an afterthought, yes I was there.

  • PeteS

    I thought min contents started in 1963. So my guess is label without was maybe a giveaway and they then decided to sell, so overprinted volume declaration. Mind you you thought re a neck & or back label could well be spot on.

    Question? did they do a winners addition to the label like the Royal Mail did with the world cup stamp stamps

  • Dale Adams

    Nice post Peter! A two for the price of one!

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