Godwin Brothers Ltd of Swindon

Whilst browsing through the old newsletters, from my first spell as a member. I spotted this cover from issue 2 of 1982, now as I do not have any of these labels in my collection I was wondering who the lucky owner is? Obviously I have my suspicions!

NL 2 1982 cover

Are they still a member of the Society? If so would they or anyone else be kind enough to let us have scans, for inclusion in either the Gallery or featured Breweries pages. The destination will of course depend on how many scans are forthcoming.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Just as an afterthought, if anyone happens to have any spares………………………………..!


  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Yes! I for one would really like to see these labels in colour. Never even knew they existed. Surely someone has one or two.

  • Howard Edmunds

    My name is William Howard Edmunds my grandfather on my mother side was William Godwin one of the Godwin Brothers of Godwin Ltd of Swindon. I live in Australia (since 1964), I did visit the old Brewery site in 1989 on my way to South Africa (1989). my email address is ht.edmunds@bigpond.com should anybody like to contact me regarding Godwin Brothers of Godwin Ltd of Swindon. Thanks

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