Edinburgh Castle

Next up is William Younger’s Double Century Ale, brewed to commemorate 200 years since the founding of the company. Thank you Nick for providing images, but most importantly it got me looking through my albums in search of more examples. A lovely view of the castle as well. No stock image for the printer.

Castle Holyrood



  • Alastair W

    Hi. Slight problem with geography here! It’s Edinburgh Castle that’s on the label, not Holyrood. Holyrood’s at the other end of the Royal Mile just over a mile down the hill. This is a bit like calling the Houses of Parliament in London the Tower of London or Buck House! C’mon.

    Oh, and by the way, I brewed up a small version of this stuff last year and very nice it was too!

  • Peter D

    Thank you Alastair. On all the other castles I have spent time looking at images on the interweb. I managed to find very close images of Cockermouth Castle, Rushen Castle and Newark Castle, but didn’t even think to research Edinburgh Castle, just thought Holyrood Brewery = Holyrood Castle. This will not happen again.
    I have changed the title and envy your brewing skills.

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