How much did that cost? #12

A trio of 6d beers today, all of which have a completely different design idea. There must have been a period when adding the cost of the beer became more common, although as far as I can tell it was a very small minority of brewers who adopted the practice. I am guessing that these three labels from different parts of the country were in use at around the same time.


  • Edd Mather

    Hi ,
    I’d say it was down to the marketing department of the brewery , as I’ve seen the eg 4,5,6,7 and 8 & 9 D beers in brewing production records (Walker’s of Warrington), I’d also say it was probably a guide to the customers as to gravity/ abv of the beer concerned , eg Whitwell Mark Milds , 5D 13/10/1933 @22-24 IBU and approx 3.8%abv , 6D @ 28-9 IBU and 4.3%abv .
    The 1933 5D brew day (Gyle No 3) was also filmed for a newsreel !!

  • Peter D

    Thank you Edd, for all this info. I have not seen labels from Walker’s of Warrington or Whitwell Mark of Kendal, with amounts of money on them. Perhaps they brewed for a particular price, without necessarily advertising it on the bottle.

  • Edd Mather

    Hi Peter ,
    I’ve been fascinated by the matching up of brewing records and beers on sale for a long time , though with Walker’s it not easy , or possible most of the time as they were masters of blending different beers brewed to increase the product range .
    The Whitwell Mark labels I’ve seen don’t have a price inclusion on there , which I think kind of confirms my theory that it was generally a marketing department thing ,
    Cheers ,

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