How much did that cost? #15

Sadly the number of responses to the last post could easily be counted on the fingers of a person whose hands had been amputated. So I thought today needs to feature a label I have not seen before except on the cover of that wonderful publication ‘A Scrapbook of Greenall Whitley’. So I do know who issued it.. Here the penny is the deposit on the bottle. An early example of recycling. And my guess is that this label was issued before 1919.


  • Onno Kleefkens

    In Netherlands the return bottle system first appeared on the label in 1925 with Phoenix Brewery in Amersfoort. The deposit of 5 cts was paid and was given back when the bottle was returned. The brewery raised this deposit to 10 cts the same year as they initially had the deposit at almost the level of the costs for a bottle (somewhat more). They discovered that more than 30% of the bottles were not returned! The 5 cts deposit label is very rare (only one known of example on a full 45 cl bottle with a beautiful rare crown cork).
    The country wide deposit system was legally introduced in Netherlands in 1942 under the German occupation of the country.
    Earlier deposit systems were already locally introduced by some breweries in 1911, but not displayed on the label.

    By the way: the Greenall label is very beautiful.

  • Edd Mather

    I wonder if the original Brewery @ Hall St ,
    St Helens produced a similar label ? , nice label though !!

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