How much did that cost? #9

We feel a lot more confident about today’s post after the responses to yesterday’s post. We are particularly grateful to Ron Pattinson for his succinct contribution. Here is a 90/- Ale, this time from Maclay & Co. of the Thistle Brewery, Alloa. A higher gravity ale, possibly similar to a Strong Ale in England. Scottish Brewing Heritage date this label to the 1900s, which, according to Ron, would mean 90 shillings a hogshead, which works out at 2½d a pint. This works well. If it is sold at 4d a bottle, which would have been a pint, reasonable profit for all.

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  • Ron Pattinson

    Between the wars, very confusingly, 90/- was used toi designate a low-ABV (3-3.5%) bottled Pale Ale. It would have been impossible to charge 90/- a hogshead after WW I. The tax alone on a hogshead of beer with an OG of 1035º would have been around 65/-. The price of 4d. for half a pint makes it obvious this is a weak beer.

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