Kent’s Desert Island Beer Labels #10

My last label has been the most difficult to choose. Should it be another Kent label? Perhaps another Russells? In the end I opted for this elegant design from the Cirencester Brewery, partly because it’s another West Country (well Gloucestershire) company but mainly the fact that I first saw it on a poster produced by Courage for their Bicentenary illustrating labels from the companies they’d acquired over the years. I thought wow! What a fantastic label, not ever dreaming that I might get an example one day. It just goes to show that collecting is a long game; persistence may one day pay off!

As a postscript I’d add that these choices are just a snapshot. I’ve still got many labels and companies I’d really like to have which are not yet represented in my collection so I’ve got my sights set on a few – this selection might change!

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  • Eric Dore

    Excellent set of labels and commentaries PD.

    Other contributors now needed

    Working on my own 10

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