Liverpool Bottlers and their brands #9

We have received an email and attached image from Nick Drew which corrects an error in Liverpool Bottlers #7 in which we stated that T P Griffin was a London bottler. Our information was taken from Dave Hughes excellent book, ‘ A bottle of Guinness, please’. This image seems to contradict that statement. So our thanks go to Nick for this; if only more members could summon the energy to contribute to our website in this way.



  • Pete S

    Brewed in Wrexham, per chance?
    And on the W theme, who is on the way to Warwick today?

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    I think I can help out with this one. Griffin was a London bottler, but in 1909 they bought out W A Ross and Brother, who had a bottling store in Liverpool. It is likely they still used the same brand names and trade mark for beer bottled at Ross’s former plant.

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