London Meeting 27th January

As usual we will be holding our Winter meet at the Royal Oak, Tabard Street, London. Hopefully a good crowd will turn out to sample the excellent Harveys ales and to meet up with fellow collectors.

Of course we shall be having another auction of labels from the Des Clarke collection, images of the labels on offer appear below.



























  • Edd Mather

    A bit of similarity between the New Langton’s Brown Ale and the Uncle Tom’s Cabin Brewery (Bolton) Labels ?

  • Peter D

    Yes. It does look as though the drinking men are related in some way. Are there any more out there that could have come from the same family?

  • Drunken Bum

    When are the auditions, hic!

  • Liz Blackmore

    What time does the auction start that day?

  • Membership Dept.

    May I ask why you are enquiring about the auction? As to my knowledge you are not a Society member.

  • Edd Mather

    Hi All ,
    Just found it interesting that two breweries so far apart in geographical terms had similar labels , maybe they had the same printer ? {my guuess}.
    I especially like the Breakell’s Double A ,
    Whittaker’s Coronation Bitter (Richard or Wm ??) And the Sherry Bright Label from Walker’s of Warrington.
    Regards to all ,

  • John L

    Edd’s comment about breweries sharing a printer makes me think that there is scope for a series of blog posts about similar labels from different breweries: the ones that immediately come to my mind are the very similar Nut Brown Ales from Hodgson’s and King and Barnes, which clearly came from the same printer, but there must be lots more.

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