LOTY 2016, at 8 Sail Brewery, the Results, the Money Raised.

Well, where shall we start. OK, the results seem like a good place to kick off this post, so follow LOTY 2016 – The Results

For those of you who could not make the event for various reasons, you missed a great day. The weather was great & even transport links behaved themselves reasonably well, although one or two may disagree regarding the transport. Many people suggested that 8 Sail was one of our best ever venues & I for one would not argue with them. There were 3 beers OTB & yes we did drink them out of their last ever cask of Mild, but lets face it somebody had to have the last pint (Sorry yes it was me & very nice it was too). The ladies from the on site Tea Room provided a very nice buffet, featuring a selection of items made from flour milled in the mill next door to the brewery.

Did you realise this is the only 8 sailed mill in western Europe? Well it is & you could have spent the afternoon there and helped us to raise even more money for the two charities.

Ah I here you say, charities, so how did we do this year. In short quite nicely, thank you.

In detail, we handed over cheques to both Heckington Area Volunteer Car Service & to Lincs Ark for £1,125. So another £2,250 raised, bringing our grand total for the 33 years of LOTY to over £65,640. Not at all bad for such a small group of enthusiasts, well done all!

So thank you to all of you who turned up, especially our Polish contingent, from Scotland. Tony & Steve from 8 Sail, for putting up with us for an afternoon, although it probably seemed longer. The folk from the charities for turning up in person to collect their cheques, it is always nice to have a few tears. It makes us all feel we are doing something positive & possibly doing it well, again this year.

Finally thank you to all of those in the brewing & bottling industry, who contribute to LOTY year after year. We really do appreciate your help.




  • Dale Adams

    I can agree with everything that Pete has said and have little that I can add to his account!
    From my position, I would like to thanks Tony & Steve at the 8 Sail Brewery for a really great day!
    Also I would like to thank our committee officers who worked so hard this year for all their efforts put in to organise the LOTY competition and the event on the day. An event like this takes a lot of hard work and all of that work falls on a very few individuals to execute.

  • Charlie D

    Sad I missed it but glad a great day was had by all. I’ll have to get it into my calendar earlier next year…
    Well done on the money raised and to the winners of the competition – some superb labels.

  • John H

    Yes, a very good day and Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to all the committee members for their hard work and to the Eight Sail Brewery team for hospitality and good beer. And to the railway companies for getting us there and back on time.

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