Mitchells & Butlers Ltd, Cape Hill Brewery

Great idea of Martin’s. Here are the ones we know about, with rough dates. These are not necessarily the dates in the previous post. They are what I think is right. The only ones I am not completely sure about are the first two. Thanks to Keith and John for their contributions.

1920s and 30s
Mid to late 1930s
In the Reign of King George VI, excluding the wartime paper shortage years
Wartime issue
1952 53
1953 to mid 1950s
Late 1950s early 1960s
Mid 1960s
Mid 1960s
1966 1967
1967 to 1970s

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  • John L

    I believe the Bass Charrington style labels were introduced some time in 1969, so the old style labels would have been discontinued at the same time. They certainly didn’t last into the 1970s. (I also recall drinking in an M&B pub for the first time late in 1971, and everything was in the Bass Charrington corporate style by then.)

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