Mystery label #13

To add to the discussion surrounding mystery label #9, I have been sent this image. Same design and probably from the same brewery, George Younger of Alloa. and once again destined for Rangoon, but this time, we have Stork & Co in the centre and an ‘H’ trademark. Alan can you help.? Anybody?

New one


  • AlastairW

    This was probably a brew by Henderson’s of Alloa. They Brewed an IPA “expressly for export”. The red “H” on the Stork of Rangoon label is identical to the red “H” Robert Henderson & Co used for their export trademark. Stork and Co was a very large import-export company which I have described in my email about the other Stork beer in the Mystery Labels section.

  • Alan Gibbs-Murray

    I have just sent a third photo . My label 9 , 13 and the brown one I’ve just sent are under G Younger ! Still working through my trademark stuff. Biggest problem is not every trademark was registered !!! AGM

  • Michael Clark

    To the best of my knowledge Henderson’s never had an export trade – it was all local (central Scotland) bulk and bottled beer.

    George Younger had significant export trade – I think that’s the source.

  • Alastair W

    Michael – Hendersons may not have exported in their own right, but they did brew “expressly for export” and may have used agents. I am looking at a scan of a Henderson’s Pale Ale “Brewed Expressly For Export” label at the moment. So, unless it’s a fake, I would suggest that that it is prima face evidence of a Henderson’s export market. I’ve tried uploading the file onto this comment, but to no avail. Perhaps Peter the Webmaster may be able to click a magic switch (as Webmasters are sometimes able to do) and you the label for yourself. The “H” on “Stork” label is just about identical with that on the “Brewed Expressly for Export” Henderson one.

  • Michael Clark

    That really is surprising – Henderson’s was a small brewey with very few employees, and a capacity of only around 50 barrels according to Charlie McMaster.

    I might drop him a line to enquire further.

    I believe George Youngers had an agent in Rangoon, maybe that’s why I assumed it might be them.

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