Mystery Label #15

Another label teaser for you to consider, a Regal Stout in shield shape format. So navigate over to the ‘Mystery Labels’ tab & have a butchers.

For those of you from north of Watford, butchers, butchers hook = look. Not only labels, but linguistics too.


  • AGM

    Will have a good check of all my paperwork , but I seem to remember I had it under Wards Foxearth. grrrrrrrr need to try and find my pic of it and what I had written and why. Alan

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Alan,
    Had a chance to research any info on this Mystery Label yet? Your original post has me on tender hooks!

  • Michael Jones

    It is a Belgium label (and certainly not from Foxearth). The writing at the bottom is a printer’s mark

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Mike
    Many thanks for your info! It is great to have your knowledge & expertise being contributed to helping to solve some of our Mystery Labels! Please keep up the input as it is much appreciated!

  • Robert van Vugt

    Dear Mr Adams,

    This beer label is from Belgium as Michael Jones is saying already.
    To be precise it is a label from :
    Brouwerij E. Van Hoorebeke from Assenede, East Flanders. A brewery that closed in 1975

    Kind Regards

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Robert
    Many thanks for your confirmation and the additional detail! I am not really very knowledgeable about Belgium breweries past or present although I did enjoy a fair quantity of Belgium beer on a recent trip to Ghent. While exploring the historic centre, I managed to find a lovely tiny pub that served four excellent beers on draft which I found very drinkable. I thought that their sale of draft beer as opposed to bottles to be a bit unusual in my somewhat limited experience.
    Cheers and thank you for you input!

  • Philippe

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