Mystery Label #25

Keith has sent in a  series of questions concerning this label.  I really hope someone out there can help.

Could this be R Baxter & Co., Export Brewery, Sandwich, Kent?  I do not think it is Baxter, Northallerton (later Arrol) or Baxter, Sherborne.

The trade mark looks Dutch or from a Dutch-speaking part of the world – similar to the Orangeboom trade mark?

To have any link with the Baxter of Sandwich the date must be 1880s – does the label look more recent?    A similar font around the edge was used by Ind Coope & Co on some early export labels.

OR it could be a spoof label (made up name to advertise a printer maybe?      There are a number of spoof labels in circulation, which appear to originate in Belgium.

Can any Belgian collectors shed any light on the agent in Enghien?


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  • Onno Kleefkens

    The family of Van Heghe is mainly from Herzele the Flemish part of the country, while the village of Enghien is in the French part of Belgium, although the villages are close to each other. The only Van Heghe family from Enghien are plumbers from the village of Enghien Les Bains 30 km north of Paris.
    So on that part the mistery remains.
    Concerning the trade mark, it looks like Oranjeboom, but surely is not from them. Their export trade marks more complex (see: The one in the label looks more like that of Colnage racing bikes!

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