Mystery Labels #27

A request from Onno in the Netherlands:

The Phoenix brewery in Amersfoort had several Pelican labels for Light Lager and Dark Lager (i.e. Münchener).

Most of the UK business by Phoenix was done with Export Bottlers or the constituent companies and their different Brands. Pelican used to be Machen, but………just above the beer type diverse logo’s are used. As you see in attached file there are three different ones. My question is about those. Is there anyone amongst the Labologists in UK knowing the origins?


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  • Eric Dore

    Nice labels, beautifully designed. Could it just be that the logo above the beer brand is designed not to “spoil” the impact of the label design. Might it be the initials of a bottler – could the two on the left say D & C or I suppose C & D! Just a thought. Eric

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