Mystery Labels – a new theme for our blog

At the suggestion of our Chairman, the above thread will be making an appearance in the very near future. Initially it will labels from our chairman’s collection, which to him have some degree of mystery.

We will leave to him to explain further, but no doubt it will generate further interest in our blog & indeed the website. Hopefully many of you will contribute suggestions as to where the labels should go (in the albums that is) and perhaps you will be able to shed some light on the background behind the labels.

It seems particularly appropriate as we have a mystery contributor to the blog in ‘Fascinated by Beer Labels’, now we have the mystery labels. What next?????

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  • Alan Gibbs-Murray

    I will now also check all my research papers I have on Brewery Trademarks ! It’s only 4 lever arch files with a photo copy of each trademark.
    Years of work but it fascinates me !!
    So many of the trademarks we see on our older labels were infact never registered and of course some trademarks I found are fantastic pictures of labels from by gone breweries . AGM

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