New Label Issues

From April 1st 2023 Asterisked breweries are new to bottling

4T’s Brewing: Warrington Special Bitter; Squirrels Heaven; APA; Busman’s English Pale Ale; IPA; West Coast IPA; Hop Monster Ahtanum – Amarillo & Apollo); Balls to PC (Charity beer for Prostrate Cancer);

Abbey Ales: Coronation Ale;Santa’s Sack;Bath Best Bitter (changed label);Bath Star; Bath Red IPA; Oh, Mr. Porter; Bath Pale Ale (blue label); Bath Pale Ale (white label); Black Friar; Bath Water; Bath Stout

Aldi (Great British Brewing): Here’s to Rule Over Us HRH Pilsner Lager; Long Live the King Session Pale Ale; Hail to the King Best Bitter; Long May He Reign Organic IPA – cans brewed by Freedom Brewery

Alnwick Brewery: Alnwick Gold; Alnwick Stout

Alphabet Brewing: Cans – Oolong Slayer; Vostock Station

Anspach & Hobday: The Crowdfunders Stout (can)

Arkells: Coronation Ale; Petrol Head; Saison; Supermarine Gold (30 Years Swindon FC); Dodo Pale (Dodo Pub Co)

Ashover Brewery: White Lion

B-Man Brewery: Malt Geezer Double Dark Mild

Barkers Brewing: Cans – Red Eye; Citrus 1; Overload; Back For More; Chilly Bin

Battle Brewery: Harold’s Eye PA

Bayonet Brewery: One Pip Wonder (can)

Beak Brewery: Talk (can)

Beavertown Brewery: Space Hulk (can)

Beer Hut Brewing (Ulster): Fluffier Bunny (can)

Bestens Brewery: Cans – Pale to the People Session Pale Ale; West Coast American IPA; Dark Matter

Bishop Nick Brewery: Spire; Ritual; Mitre;Rex (Coronation); Oath (included in the Coronation 3 pack)

Black Iris Brewery: If It Weren’t for Bad Luck (can)

Blackpit Brewery: Cloud 9

*Blue Skies Brewing: Trade Winds; Not For Profit; Best Bitter; Air of Arrogance; Deep in the Doldrums

Bluntrock Brewery: Cans – Wasson; Kurt’s Choice

Bond Brews: Stars & Stripes; King Slaker

Boundary Brewing (Ulster): Cans – I Declare Bankruptcy; Export Stout; Eschatology; Double Negative; Best of the Bunch

Bowman Brewery: Trebuchet; Meon Valley Bitter; Charlie Boy

Boxcar Brewery: Double Dark Mild (can)

Brass Castle Brewery: Jack-in-Irons (can)

Brentwood Brewing: Charlie’s in Charge

(The) Brew Forest: Cans – Brewforest Blonde; Fools Gold; Am I IPA?

Brewpoint (Charles Wells): Coronation Blended Barrel-aged Imperial Stout (750 ml corked bottle); Coronation Ale (Hazy IPA) (can for staff only)

Brew Toon: Cans –Cherry Crush; Communication Bakedown (collab. with Dog Falls)

Brew York: Flatpack Fika Fuel; Ripple Twister(cans)

Bridgehouse Brewery: God Save the King (for Robertshaws Farm Shop)

Burton Town Brewery: King’s Tipple; Superstylin’ (can)

Burwell Brewery: Moulin D’Ettienne; Stefan’s Muhle; Priory Wood

Butcombe Brewery: Monarch Golden Ale – mini keg sticker (same design as pump clip but smaller)

Buxton Brewery: Lupulus X Mosaic (can)

Camerons Brewery: Surf Bohemian Lager (can)

Canopy Beer Co: Bauble Belgian Dubbel (Limited edition – can)

Canterbury Ales: Pacific Gold

Cellar Head Brewery: Strangs #7

Chatlington Brewery: Oxford Best

Cheddar Ales: Velvet Bottom

Chiltern Brewery: British IPA (can); Supermarine; Coronation Ale

*Closet Brewing Project: Cans – Beyond the Pale; Vampire Spa Day; G.O.A.T. Dopplebock; Lost in the Sauce; More Berries than Sense; Cocoa Cannonball; German Helles; Size Doesn’t Matter

Clun Brewery: C Rex

Coles Brewery: Coronation Ale

Creaton Grange Brewery: Hint of Ginger (brewery closed April 2023)

Crafty Monkey Brewery: Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby; Fairytale of New York; King Charles III

Creative Juices Brewing: Your Tasty Beverage; I am the Danger (cans)

Davenports Brewery: IPA; Mild Ale; Gold Ale

Donnington Brewery: The King’s Coronation; For Northcote Brick – The Battersea; Brickyard Brew

Dorset Brewing Co: Chesil Pilsner

Downton Brewery: Coronation Ale

Drone Valley Brewery: Rails Oat Milk Stout; Pioneer Porter (LMS 1000); For Peak Rail – Joined at the Hops; Peaks Porter; Crown Imperial Strong Ale (Coronation)

Dundalk Bay Brewery (Brewmaster) (Eire): cans – Imperial Nitro Stout; Sailor Sam Lager; Seasonal Red Ale

*Durty Brewing: Cans – Angry Sheep; Escape Route; Repeat Offender; Helter Skelter; Gold Run; Edge of the World

Electric Bear Brewing Co: Are You Taking the Biscuit? (can – collaboration with Extract Coffee Roasters)

Elgoods: Coronation Ale (for Marks & Spencer); Coronation Ale (black & gold label)

Elusive Brewing: Twenty Ferrets in a Red Suit; Lebkucher Stout; Diversion Excursion (cans)

Epochal Brewery: Gavagai; Aiken Drum; Visionary Pursuits; Phosphorus; Christmas Day; Cape Duplicator; Momentary Rabbit Stage; The Primum Mobile; Blue Label; Hesperus

Everards Brewery: Golden Hop;5 litre minikeg labels – Smash Cryo; Symposium Session IPA; Small Batch DIPA; Tiger; Crown (Coronation)

Felinfoel Brewery: Coronation Ale (can)

Ferry Ales Brewery: Summer Fruits; Kirsche; Midnight Phantom; Hoppy & Glorious #2

Fierce Brewing: Maple Pancake (can)

Firebird Brewing: Bohemia Lager

First & Last Brewery: Road Run (Rede & Coquet Charity Tractor Run 2020)

*Four Priests Brewery: Murgy Straight

Flying Monk Brewery: Front & back labels – Habit; Wing Man; Elmers Pale; Mighty Monk

Fullers: Coronation King’s Ale

G3 Brewery: Spacetime (can – cuckoo brewed at Bluntrock Brewery)

Gilbert White’s Brewery: Coronation Mild

Gipsy Hill Brewing: Can – Perennial English IPA

Glasgow Beer Works: Seasmhach; Out of Office; Crème Brulee; Pacific Gravity

Goddards Brewery: Old Flame (for Charnwood Stoves); Island Ale (for Godshill Cider Barn); For The Old Smithy & Gardens, Godshill – Godshill Summer Ale; Witches Brew

Gravity Well Brewing: Cans – Rane: Reimagined; Automatic Lock In; Symmetries of Nature; Phantom Energy; Enigma Supernova; Lagrange Reborn; Half Crimp; Riwaka Shock; Universal Theory 3.0; Losing My Leptons; Jouletide

Greene King: Coronation Golden Ale

Grizzly Grains Brewery: Pear Farmhouse Saison; Sheaf Porter

Hadrian & Border Brewery: Tyneside Brown (front, back & neck labels)

Hall & Woodhouse: Plum Porter (for Aldi – Harper Brewing); Master Stoat Coffee Stout (for Sainsburys); Hop Cross Bun Ale (for Sainsburys); Dorset IPA (for Aldi); Ale to the King (2nd Coronation beer)

Handyman Brewery: Imperial Stout

Harveys Brewery: Carolean Crown

Hawkstone Brewery: Majestic Cotswold Lager

Heist Brew (Sheffield): On the Brink; Don’t Let Me Die (collab, with Docks Beers)

Hepworth & Co: Majesty APA (Platinum Jubilee); Crown IPA (Coronation)

Hercules Brewing (Yardsman) (Ulster): BPA (can)

Hermitage Brewery (Marshalls): Right Royal Dark IPA; Auld Peat; Wellhouse; Ambling Home; Grimsbury Castle; Lodestone; Hermitage Blonde

*Hex Brewing: Reverie

Hilden Brewery: Irish Red Halt; Helles Lager;Hop Ended (bottle and can); Twisted Hop (bottle & can); Barney’s Brew; Wry Fox; Postcard Series (with Flavourly) – Greetings From Vermont; Greetings From Wallonia; Greetings From Burton on Trent

Hook Norton Brewery: Crown Ale; Celebrating 174 Years – Strong Ale; Gold; Oat Sower (oval)

Hops & Dots Brewery: Resolution: Pool Party (collab. with Bayonet Brewing)

*Ice Cream Factory Brewery: Cans – Space Craft; Social Pale

*Jumping Church Brewery (Eire): Ferdis Red; Gae Bolga; Bitter Sweet; St. Legers

Keltek Brewery: King Coronation

J W Lees: Golden Ale (Coronation)

Leighton Buzzard Brewery: King’s Gambit; Platinum Pride (Platinum Jubilee); Best Buzzard; Golden Buzzard

Little Critters Brewery: Nutty Ambassador Hazelnut Milk Stout; Orange Utan Chocolate Orange Stout (cans)

Little Mesters Brewing: Vanilla Porter; Black Forest Porter (cans)

Loddon Brewery: Cocoa Nib

Longdog Brewery: Royal Corgi (Platinum Jubilee)

Lord Conrad’s Brewery: His Majestea;Spiffing Wheeze;         

Lucky Beer Co: Cans – Pilsner; Beertrix Porter; N E Pale Ale

Mad Squirrel Brewing: Alphonso (can)

Magic Rock Brewery: Dairyfreak Muddy Fudge (Collab. with Dixons Milk Ices)

Metalhead Brewery: Ale to the King

Mighty Oak Brewery: Majesty Coronation Pale Ale

Mile Tree Brewery (Peterborough): Winter Ale; Meadowgold; Porter; Wildwood; Mosaica

Modern Day Monks: Monks Stout

Mysterious Brewing: Cans – Red My Mind; Plan B; Avalon; Cursed –

Nene Valley Brewery: Manhattan Project

Nethergate Brewery: Gazza King; Craft Lager

New Bristol Brewery: Mango & Lime Lassi Gose; Mello Yello (cans)

No Frills Joe Brewery: Farmhouse Saison

Old Dairy Brewery (now closed): Brown Ale; Extra Pale Ale; El Toro (can)

Padstow Brewing: Definitely Maple (can)

Paradigm Brewery: Zeitgeist

Peak Ales: Great Ridge; Monsal Trail Ale

Phipps Northampton Brewery: King’s Crown

Portobello Brewing: George & Lorna Wedding

Pressure Drop Brewing: Cans -Velvet National; Internet Friends!

Printworks Brewery: Lobster Deep Ruby Ale; Bumblebees Pale Honey Ale; Geneva Dry Hopped IPA; Jubilee Queen; Coronation King; For Glass Museum – Al’s IPA; Gaffer’s Brew

Pumphouse Community Brewery: Coronation Ale; Coronation Limited Edition – Imperial Milk Stout

Ramsbury Brewing: Honey Bee Nectar (transparent); Coronation IPA (bottle & mini-keg)

Red Fox Brewery: Jubilee 2022; Pucks; Artic Fox

F Robinson: Coronation Ale

Roughacre Brewery: His Majesty (both 275 and 550 ml versions); Saffron Sun; Weizenbock; The Hawker

*Scribblers Ales: (Brewery ceased – these are recorded for “posterity”) Cans – Rubecca; Insomnia; St. Appleford Tart; Beyond Reasonable Stout; Dark Lord; Gold Ale; Sweet Sunshine; IPA; Moonshine Craft Pale Ale

St. Austell Brewery: Extra Special Tribute (Coronation)

St. Peter’s Brewery: Coronation Ale; Whisky Beer (The English Whisky Co); Honey Porter; Citrus Beer; Cream Stout; Cream Stout (Gluten Free); Old Style Porter; Ruby Red

Shalford Brewery: Coronation Ale; Levelly Black; Draught Horse Ale; Braintree Market Ale

*Shoals Brewery: Seafoam; Baulk Breaker; Harbinger (cans)

Silver Brewhouse (Industrial Ales): Iron Ore IPA

Six Degrees  Brewing: Madison

Staffordshire Brewery: For Cottage Delight – Fit for a King; For Best of British – Hip (Golden Ale); Hip (IPA); Hooray (Best Bitter); Barbecue King; The Queen’s Head

Stewart Brewing: Crazy Haze; All Good in the Pud (cans)

*Stone Daisy Brewery: Cow Down; Park Bottom; Snail Creep Hanging

Stonehouse Brewery: Coronation IPA

Sureshot Brewing: Milson (can)

Tenby Brewing Co: Two Damn Crows – Exhale (can)

Theakstons Brewery: Crowning Glory

Three Hills Brewery: Cans – Trium Faba;Birthday Juice; Festival Juice;Where Am I?; 51.7517°N, 0.3140° Co Ordinates Strong Mild; BΠABK; Baby B.P.A.V.K; Forbidden Cocktail; Forbidden Pudding; Forbidden Pastry; Baby Forbidden Pastry; Veda; The Heating’s On; Heidrun Special Hop: Galaxy; Heidrun Special Hop: Amarillo; Heidrun Special Hop: Bru-1; Heidrun Special Hop: Nelsdon Sauvin; Small Steps; In Pursuit; Of Juice

Thwaites: Coronation Pale Ale

Tilford Brewery: Tilford Gold

Tindall Brewery: Coronation Pale

Timothy Taylor: Celebration Ale (Coronation)

Tonbridge Brewery: IPA; Velvet Raven; Das Kolner; Parallel 49 (cans)

Trail Head Brew Co: Cans – Talk to me Jose; Crank Zappa; You Do when You Voodoo; Berminator; Dirty Torque; Red Hop Hilly Trekkers

*Tucks Brewery: cans – Ale; Saison; Porter; Crop; IPA; Fresh (Generic)

Two Flints Brewery: Cans (brewed at Windsor) – Pulse; Blue Hour; Vista

Vault City Brewing: Raspberry Strawberry Coconut Ripple (can)

Verdant Brewing: Unlike Stars; Lucky Slurps (cans)

*Virtue Brewing: Eddie Ate Dynamite; Youngmans Oxford; Über die Brücke; Biat Trip; Natural Rythym (cans)

Vocation Brewery: Cans – Triple Vision; Aoraki (both Special Editions)

Wadworths: Horizon; Henry’s IPA; 6X (oval); King’s Ale (mini-keg sticker)

Wantsum Brewery: Ernest; Imperium; Hurricane; Fortitude; 1381

Weetwood Ales: Coronation Ale

Welbeck Abbey Brewery: Fiery Fox; Hennymoor; Skylight; White Stag

White Horse Brewery: The Dons Dark Ale; Wonky Donkey; Oxford Dark Ale

Windsor & Eton Brewery: Return of the King; Return of the King (Organic) (bottle and can); English Craft Lager (for Windsor Farm Shop)

Wight Knuckle Brewery: Pale Ale(can)

Woodfordes Norfolk Ales: Monarch Pale Ale

Wriggly Monkey Brewing: Sanction U Red Ale

XT Brewery: Oriel College 697; Jamboree (25th Scout World Jamboree); Animal Brewing Canine

Yeastie Boys Brewery: Superfresh Helles Lager (brewed at Round Corner); Distant Sun; Wizard Motor (both brewed at Utopian Brewing)

Yorkshire Heart Brewery: Quaffer

Zero-Six Brewing: Hanga Ringa

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