Old Lauterbach Castle

A label from the immediate post prohibition era, with a mixture of German references, yet it is a straight beer, not Pilsener or Bavarian or even Lager. Nice castle, but is this based on an actual castle or not. Of course, if you wanted to use a castle illustration on an American beer, you would have to look overseas, there just aren’t that many in the States.

Castle Lauterbach

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  • Dale Adams

    I am forced to take umbrage with your statement about there not being many castles in the United States!
    A quick check on Wikipedia turns up a list of something over 100 castles located in the US! Granted, most of these are recent as the number of ‘ancientt’ or ‘medieval’ castles is for good historic reasons zero, I guess a few inhabitants wanted to carry on a tradition or maybe they just wanted to impress the neighbours!

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