February 2020

NEW ISSUES from 22 February 2020 Asterisked breweries are new to bottling

Alphabet Brewing Co: Juice Springsteen; Honeytrap

Animal Brewing (XT): Hop Kitty

*Artefact Brewing: Dark Mild

Ashover Brewery: Dandelion & Burdock Porter (International Womens Collaborative Brew)

Back Yard Brewery: Americana

Bad Co: 0219 Off Tempo (can)

Bathams: Best Bitter (now oval)

Big Smoke Brewery (Esher): Jagged Sky Pale Ale

Birdhouse Brewery: Wing It; Strong Bitter; Mild

Bishop Nick Brewery: Ridley’s Rite (now has white background); Amulet (limited edition)

Black Iris Brewery: Cosmic Cream; Divine Element (cans)

Black Isle Brewery: Col. Custard’s Organic Chocolate Milk Stout (can)

Boundary Brewing Co-op (Ulster): APA; Bngaling (cans)

Box Steam Brewery: Piston Broke (front & back, white background)

Boyne Brewhouse (Eire): Belgian Dubbel; Imperial Stout; Amber Ale

Brewdog: Overworks Cosmic Crush Raspberry Sour

*Brewha Brewing (formerly Station 1-1-9): New England IPA; Pale Ale; Kaz Bek (collab. with Brewgooder); Bremont TBE (for Bremont Watch Co)

Brewdog: Prototype Tropical NEIPA

Brotherhood Brewery: CFTL Lager

Burton Town Brewery: Captain Moore Bitter (Special Edition)

Buxton Brewery: Can – Matters of Perspective IPA (Collab with Verdant)

*By the River Brew Co: Nature’s Mysterious Patterns; Heedbanger (both cans)

*Caps Off Brewery: IPA; Pale Ale (cans)

*Canvas Brewery (Eire): Milk Stout V1; Double Wing Mirror. Abbey of Lorrha; Cheeky Wingman; Road Not Taken; Querty V1; Liminal; The Liminal; What Mango; Hunter Saison; Hunter-Gatherer; Pixel (#101; 103; 105); Not A Lager; Fruitellis; Pioneer Ale; Corylus; Upigee; Sloe Liminal; Belagie; Sunday Cuddle; La Ratatouille; Mallmann VI; Kveik Stout v.1.1; Farmhouse Beer – Kviek Gale Ale; Raspberrella; Sweet Gale Ale;  11th Hour; Gor(se)geous; Flav; Biodynamic Pale (Craftsman Malt Co); Abbey of Lorrha – Ol Dearg (750 Years of the Dominicans Arrival to Lorrha)

Carlow Brewing Co (O’Hara’s) (Eire): White Haze IPA

Cat Asylum Brewing: EAP

Clevedon Brewery: BS21 (new design)

Cloudwater Brewing: New Things and New Tidings (collab. with Track); Lower Than Zero (collab. with Collective Arts)

*Copper Fox Brewery: The Gose of John Lemon; The Plzent Liska; Moc Fox; Triple A; Lagertha’s Revenge; Navigator; A P Ache; Ambler Gambler; Firsty Fox; Modus Operandi

*Custom Head Brewing (now closed): Maui Milkshake Pineapple Pale Ale

Dead End Brew Machine: After Death

*Dolphin Brewery: Juggler; Jester

*Dot Brew (Eire): The Road Less Travelled; Southern Living; Just A Minute (cans)

Durham Brewery: Cloister; Black Bishop Stout; Bombay 3000; Evensong; St. Cuthberts

Duration Brewery: Little Fanfare; You End Up Where You Were (both cans)

Dynamite Valley Brewery: Pioneer (wrapper)

Eight Degrees Brewing (Eire): Knockmealdown Stout; Bohemian Irish Lager

Electric Bear Brewery: Candescence (limited edition)

Exeter Brewery: Spoonfull – for Wooden Spoon Charity)

Farr Brew: Farr-ther Christmas

Felinfoel Brewery: NHS Thank You

Five Points Brewing: OK Vienna! (Collab with Bevog Brauhaus);

Fixed Wheel Brewery: Pope of the Dope; Frostie Freeze Distilled Pale; No Brakes IPA

Flower Pots Brewery: Cheriton Porter; Pots Bitter (2 different); Goodens Gold (2 different); Perridge Pale

*Four Provinces Brewing Co (Eire): Hurler Copper Ale; Laioir Robust Porter; Piper Amber IPA

Frank + Otis Brewing: Run Wild (Brewed by Hanlon)

Fullers: Imperial Porter (limited edition)

GT Ales: North Coast IPA; Thirst of Many; Dark Horse

Gipsy Hill Brewery: Desert Haze; Hopcat; Baller; Envoy; Sun Trap (can)

*Gravity Well Brewery: Imperial Galaxies

Green Duck Beer Co: Kitchen Sink; Kitchen Sink Bourbon Barrel Aged (Both Collabs. With Glasshouse Brewing)

Greene King: Old Crafty Dad (for Father’s Day)

Greyhound Brewery: Mountweazel Stout

Guinness: Rockshore Irish Lager

Harviestoun Brewery: Rebel Rock; 1297

*Hippy Killer Brew Co (now closed): Lowrider; Fakir IPA; Filthy Jukebox; Ekuanot Pale; Lemon Pie Saison

Hog’s Back Brewery: Dad’s Ale; Celebration Ale (for Father’s Day)

Holly Paquette Brewers: Jack D’Or

Joseph Holt: Humdinger (oval label – nice design)

Hop Stuff Brewery: Grapefruit New England (Collab. with Unbarred)

Hurly Burly Brewery: Hare of the Dog (2 designs); Last Sheep Sheared (2 designs); Gnat’s Hop (2 designs); Giddy Goat; Blimey! Limited Edition (2 designs)

Ilkley Brewery: Mary Christmas; Fruition; Lotus

Independent Brewing Co. (Eire): Coconot Porter; Connemara Cherry Sour; Connemara Extra Stout; Connemara Stout; Connemara Wheat Beer; Wattra Seshon Beer (Collab. With Craic & Divilment); Killary Gaelforce (for Gaelforce Events)

*Ivo Brewery: Porter; Table Porter; Pale Ale; Oatmeal Stout; American Pale Ale

Jefferson’s Brewery: Rak City

John O’Groats Brewery: Deep Groat Oatmeal Stout

Labrat Brewery: Thrum; Sixty Five; When Life Gives You Lemons; Fingerprint

Left Handed Giant Brewing: Million Miles (can)

Lineman Brewery (Eire): Astral Grains (Foreign Extra Stout) (can)

Little Black Dog Beer: English Porter

London Beer Factory: Sour Solstice; Big Milk Stout

*Lock 81 Brewery: Oatmeal Stout (2 designs); Pale Ale (2 designs); Double IPA

Lost & Found Brewery: Revert to Type

*Luddite Brewing: 1812 Yorkshire Bitter; Mellor’s Mild

Lyme Regis Brewery: Lyme Gold; Revenge; Golden Cap Craft Lager; Dorset Pearl; Town Mill Best

Lymestone Brewery: For Stone Junction – Dog with a Stone Lager; Stone Drunktion IPA

Magic Rock Brewing: Guavarita Vice; Luminance; Things You Can’t Unsee (Collab. with North); Big Dipper (collab. with Cloudwater); What Are The Odds? (Collab. with Verdant)

Malt Coast Brewery: Black IPA

Marstons: Cherry Head Stout

*Modest Beer (Northern Ireland): Sabro Pale Ale; NE Pale Ale; IPA

Mourne Mountains Brewery (Northern Ireland): Poetic Justice; OTT IPA (Cans)

*Mr. Winter’s Brewery: Evolution; Fusioneer; Quantum Gold; Twisted Ladder; Citrus Kiss; Twin Parallel; Rorschach

Mumbles Brewery (Swansea): Mumbles Weisse; India Pale Ale

*Myrddins Brewers & Distillers: Black Velvet Welsh Porter; Barmouth Summer Ale; Apache APA; Crazy Horse; Dragons Pride; St. David’s Bitter; Plum Porter; Magic WPA; Maori; Old Myrddins; Dark Side of the Bridge; Crusader; V E Day 75

*Near Beer Brewing: Pale Ale (Brewed at Ora Brewing)

*Newbarns Brewery: Table Beer; Pale Ale (brewed at Kernel Brewery); Oat Lager Beer (can – brewed at Burnt Mill Brewery)

*Nightjar Brew Co (formerly Slightly Foxed): Supernova Close Encounter; Pirate Radio; Beware the Frog of Doom; Emotional Support Hamster; Don’t Overthink Your Socks (all cans)

North Brewing Co: Lost Cosmonaut; Brut IPA (collab. with Browar Stu Mostow)

Northern Monk Brewery: Our Calling; Doomsday Disco; Ice Cream Pale Ale; Hound Clan  (all cans)

Nothing Bound Brewing: Time Will Wait

Oakham Brewery: Citra T90 (can)

O’Brother Brewing (Eire): Cloak & Stagger (can)

Ossett Brewery: Silver King; Yorkshire Blonde

Panther Brewery: Rect labels – Ginger Wheat Beer; Hunter Dry Hopped Lager; Beast of the East; Honey Golden Ale

Papworth Brewery: Back labels now show Earith address: The Bluntisham Beast; Crystal Ship; Half Nelson; Mild Thing; Whispering Grass; The Whitfield Citrabolt; Pass the Porter; Big Sur

*Pearse Lyons Brewery, (Eire): Brown Bear IPA; Manislav Pilsner; Foxes Rock – Pale Ale; IPA; Red Ale  (former Station Works Brewery, Newry, now moved to Dundalk)

Phipps Northampton Brewery: Brewed to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day –Cobbler’s Ale; Diamond Ale; Red Star Ale (with old style oval labels)

Polly’s Brew Co: Simcoe Mosaic IPA

Pomona Island Brew Co: It’s Never Been Like That (can)

Rascals Brewing (Eire): Foggy Juice IPA (can)

Ride Brewing Co: Cans – Earl Grey IPA; Saison; Hefeweien; DDH; Lager; Irish Red

Ridgeside Brewing: Fubarb (Collab. with Leeds Brewing)

Robinsons Brewery: For Co-op – Summer Pale Ale, Special Edition; Triple Hop (changed label)

Roosters Brewery: One Trick Pony (Collab. with Hawkshead Brewery & Taylors of Harrogate)

Rudgate Brewery: New set – Nightingale; Valkyrie; Jorvik; Pale; Ruby; York Chocolate Stout

Sadlers (Windsor Castle): Peaky Blinders Black IPA

Salt Brewing: Global Gathering (collab. with Brewgooder)

Sandbanks Brewery: Canford Cliffs Craft Lager; Back in Black Stout; Wessex Wobble (not see-through); Sandbanks Bitter (not see-through)

Signal Brewery: Solo Porter

Siren Craft Brewing: Odyssey 009; Cans – Grand Designs (collab. with Vibrant Forest); White Tips; Refractions;  Suspended in Cans

Six Degrees North Brewing: Hypocrisy

Small Beer Brewing Co (Wood Green W12): Thyme of the Season; Kango Roo Pale Ale; Czech 1,2 Pils

*Soho Brewing: Soho Lager (brewed at Hepworths)

Steam Town Brew Co: Firebox

Stroud Brewery: Schwarzwalder Cherry Stout

*T Q Beerworks: The Pale Ale; The IPA; The Stout; The Double Stout; The APA

Tennents: Tennents; D – Dancin’; E- Empty; K – Keek; Z – Zonked

Three Daggers Brewery: Winter Festival Ale (Limited Edition)

*Third Circle Brewing (Eire): For the Greater Good (can) now trading as –

*Third Barrel Brewing (Eire): The Space Between Us (can)

Thornbridge Brewery: The Heart Desires (Vintage 2018)

*Tin Head Brewery: Junk Man Porter

Tiny Rebel Brewing: Boho Lager

*Tom Crean Brewery (Eire): Expedition Ale

*Treaty City Brewery (Eire): Harris Pale Ale; Thomond Red Ale; Shannon River IPA; Hells Gate Lager

Two Tribes Brewery: Copa 90

Verdant Brewing: Even Sharks Need Water; Maybe One More PSI?;  200 Empire State Buildings; Planets Don’t Twinkle; Double IPA (collab with Clioudwater); Non-Montonous Pale Ale; (collab with Finback); Truckee Table Beer (collab with Track); ARM-Bands (for Independent Manchester Beer Convention) 

Vocation Brewery: Cooler Shaker (Collab. with Crate)

West Brewery: Munich Red Premium Red Lager; Dark Lager

*Wharfe Beer: Yorkshire IPA (former Wharfe Bank Brewery, now brewed in collaboration with Hambleton Brewery)

White Gypsy Brewery (Eire): Humdinger; Yule Ol

White Hag Brewery (Eire): The Dark Druid (can)

Whitewater Brewing (N Ireland): Hen Cock & Pigeons; Bees Endeavour; Cans – Maggie’s Leap; Kreme de la Kremlin

Wicklow Wolf Brewing (Eire): Wildfire Hoppy Red Ale

Wild Card Brewery: NEIPA; India Pale Ale (cans); DDH IPA; Unite Tribute IPA (for International Womens Day)

Wild Craft Brewing: Wild and Nutty

Wild Weather Ales: Welcome to the Crumble

*Windward Brewery: Dorset Breeze; Blow Me Over; Summer Breeze; Dowtown

Wold Top Brewery: Fat Pig Beer

Woodcote Manor Brewing: Oatmeal Stout; Maori; The Maharajah’s Reserve; For Alestones -Triple S Blonde Ale; Prost! Lager Biere; Mild Manord’d; Lock 46 Pale Ale; P T Ale (for Blakedown C of E School); Little Willy Boys Beer;75 Years VE Day; Charlies Very Own Triple S Blonde – Baggies (For West Bromwich Albion FC)

Wrexham Lager Beer Co: Export Lager

Wylam Brewery: Northern Powerhouse collaborations (all cans)- 001 Chocolate Chip Vanilla Imperial Stout (Buxton); 002 Strong Brown Ale (Cloudwater); 003 Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse (Black Lodge); 004 American Wheat (Thornbridge); 005 Forest Fruit Kettle Sour (Magic Rock); 006 DDH Pale Ale (Hawkshead); 007 India Pale Ale (Northern Monk); 008 DIPA (Box Social)

Zest Brewery: Heavenly Blonde; Good Old Boy

12 Acres Brewing Co. (Eire): Pallet Jack India Pale Lager (can)

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