February 2022

From 5th June 2021 Asterisked breweries are new to bottling

*4 Guys Brewing: Natural Selection (can)

*40ft Brewing: Limited releases – Intergalactic Disco; Lock Down Breakfast; St. John Eccles Stout; Neighbourhood IPA; Pale (APA); Disco Pils; Dalston Sunrise (cans)

*Abbey Dore Ales (range of beers by Gwatkin Cider but brewed by Wye Valley): Dark Stout

Abyss Brewing: Pixel Party (Collab with Play Brew) can

Adnams: Blood Orange Session IPA; Break Point (collab with Harbour Brewing)

*Allendale Brew Co: Dirty Deeds; Wanderlust (cans)

Alphabet Brewing: It’s Hotter than the Sun (can)

Ampersand Brew Co: Over the Moon Milk Stout (can)

Anglo-Oregon Brewing: Brinker Imperial Stout; Frost Stout (Newport Rising Festival)

Anspach & Hobday: The Smoker Brown (can)

Anthology Brewing: Sicilian Lemon Pale

Arbor Ales: Rocketman; Mosaic (cans)

Artefact Brewing: Ixworth Blonde

Atom Brewery: Cold Fusion; Dark Matter; Edge of Chaos (cans)

Attic Brew Co: Attic Mild (can)

BAD Co: West Coast Pale (for ASDA)

*Balcombe Brewery: Session IPA; American Pale; Hoppy Lager (cans)

Bang the Elephant Brewery: I Like Crumble (Can – Collab with Trinity Brew Co)

*Barefaced Brewery (now in Blandford): Flash IPA; So Youv’e Travelled?

Barsham Brewery: Sandringham Best Bitter; Golden IPA (brewed for the Royal Estate)

Beartown Brewery: Quantock

*Beatnikz Republic Brew Co: Bourbon BA Russian Riot (can)

Beer Ink Brew Co: Rhyme Nocerous Star Beer (can)

Belgian Brewer: Strong Blond; Pinot

*Benjamin Franklin Brewery: Benjamin Franklin;Dougal’s Thunder (5 litre containers)

*Ben’s Brewery: Blighty; Proper Grafter; Chorley Brown Ale; The Duke; The Light Brigade

Bere Brewery: Clamoak Bitter

Bestens Brewery: Cans – West Coast; Dark Matter; Spinning Sun; Starry Night

Pale to the People; Whatnot N’ All That Junk!

*Big Bog Brewery (Liverpool): Padi (bottle & can); Baltic Porter (bottle); Hinky Punk (bottle& can)

Birdhouse Brewery: Dark Amber; Norfolk Brown Ale

Black Iris Brewery: Embers Remain (can)

Black Isle Brewery: Rhode Runner; 21 Pale (cans)

Black Lodge Brewery: Submission Ends (can)

Bog Brew Beers: Cans – Spiral Galaxy; Breaking Tradition; Redshift; Super Massive Black Hole; Running with the Big Dog; 2m

Boss Brewing: Sant or Sinner (St. David’s Day Ale); Black

Bowlers Brewery: Riddler Rye IPA

Boxcar Brewery: Native Place (can)

Brentwood Brewing: Falcon Punch (can)

Brew By Numbers: 05 IPA (can)

Brewpoint (Charles Wells): Nil Point

Brew Toon: The J’Ale

Brick Brewery: Strawberry & Cucumber Sour (can)

*Bridbrewer & Taproom: Oystercatcher; Santa’s Gone Bananas; Grand Imperial Puffin; Red Rye Ale; Proper Dave (crude labels without brewery name)

Bristol Beer Factory: Optimist (front & back)

Broad Town Brewery: Dubbel Deckerbus

Bullhouse Brewery (Ulster): All Night Long; Jimbo; Sa’Bro; Prum (collab.with Copeland Rum)

Burnt Mill Brewery: Glints Collide (can)

Burton Road Brewing Co: Simcoe Pale; DIPA 7.7 (can)

Butcombe Brewery: Bohemia Craft Lager

Buxton Brewer: Cans – Original Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Sorbet;  Citra IPA; Axe Edge; Gatekeeper

Byatts Brewery: Tenacious (10 Years of Brewery); XXX Xmas

By the River Brew Co: Doubleheader (can)

Calvor’s Brewery: Dry Hopped Lager (can)

Campervan Brewery: Bear Country (can)

*Ceramic City Brewing Co: Muffle Mild; Biscuit Best Bitter (Brewed at Stonehouse Brewery)

Cerne Abbas Brewery: William’s Tipple (for Dike & Son)

Chapeau Brewing: Freewheeler

Citizen Brew: Farmhouse Saison

*Clinkstone Brewing Co: Wolf Insch Amber Ale

Cloudwater Brew Co: Stop Up (collab. with Rock Leopard) (can)

Cold Black Brewery: Miner’s Imperial Ale

Conwy Brewery: Clogwyn Gold

Copper Street Brewery: Limited editions – Brego; Dorchester Imperial Stout

Cotswold Brew Co: Nutcracker (Limited Edition)

*Cottage Beer Project: Hit for Six; Rambler

Cromarty Brewing: Anniversary Ale 2019

Crossborders Brewery: Heavy (can)

Cumberland Breweries: Coffee Milk Stout

Dark Star Brewing: Nordland IPA (can)

Dig Brew: Max Potion; Dragonopolis; Portal Pale (cans)

Dog’s Window Brewery: It’s a Crossbreed (can)

Dolphin Brewery: Soprano

Donkeystone Brewing: Madagaska Hop Wrassler III; Taproom Hopstar; Taproom Craft Light Lager

Donzoko Brewing: Grant (collab with Northern Rye)

Double-Barrelled Brewery: Cagoule IP Lager; Ding Keller Lager(cans)

Downton Brewery: Solstice

Drop Project: Ten Eighty; Straight Up Simcoe IPA; Straight Up Sabro IPA; Reflect IPA; Shifty (brewed on own plant at Mitcham)

*Dropzone Brewery: Red On Lager; Buckshee Session IPA; Thin Blue Line Blonde Lager (believed to be brewed at Hambledon)

*Drum & Monkey Brewing: # 4 Totally Tropical Pale Ale; #7 Fruit Salad; #11 Ohhh my Goosseness (tags)

Drygate Brewery: Tropes Tropical IPA (can)

Eagle’s Crag Brewery: The Pale Eagle

Ealing Brewery: Westlondonium 8; Vollbier Hell; Turner’s GF Tank; Poca Mon: Idaho 7; Sauer Weisse

*East Side Brewery: 6pm Lager

Electric Bear Brewery: Overdub; Shimmer Down; The Place Where Eve Goes to Sleep (cans)

*Elephant School Brewing Co (part of Brentwood Brewery): Morning Glory; My Milk Stout Brings All the Bulls to the Yard (cans)

*Endangered Brewing (Brewed by Ramsgate Brewery: African Wild Dog Lager; Pangolin Pale Ale (cans)

Exale Brewing: Deep Dark (can)

Fairy Glen Brewery: Krystal Beer; The Dogfather

Fell Brewing: Cuppa Joe (collab with Penningtons Coffee Roasters)

Fengate Brewery: Blackthorn Old Ale; Clock Work Lemon Smash Beer; Pacific Gem

Five Kingdoms Brewery: McGregor’s Mild

Floc Brewing: Rising of Dreams (can)

Fourpure Brewing: Last Train Oatmeal Stout (can)

*Frank’s Head Brewery: Bru Your’e My Boy; Methley Tropics; One it hits your Lips; Wer’e Going Streaking (cans)

Fresh Standard Brew Co: Painswick Rococo Garden Red House Amber Ale

Gilt & French: SE Belgian IPA

Gipsy Hill Brewery: Filungar (can)

Glasshouse Beer Co: Shadow Tricks Stout (can)

Good Chemistry Brewing: Time Lapse (can)

Goodness Brewing Co: Sunset Red IPA; A Love Supreme DDH Hazy IPA; Yes! Session IPA; Shout Out Oat Stout; Good Lager Pilsner (cans)

Great Western Brewery: Black Strap; Moose River; Mr Macchinato

Gyle 59 Brewery: Flower Power; Summer of Love; Far Out!

Hand Brew Co: Yuba; Big Shaka; Milky Joe; Lobo (Collab with Cloak & Dagger); Bird Bitter; Muna Amber Lager; Black Rock; All Night Diner; Otto

Harbour Brewing Co: Five Summers American Pale; Big Wednesday IPA (cans)

Harviestoun Brewery: Wheesht (no alcohol)

Hercules Brewing (Belfast): Yardsman NEIPA Pineapple Haze (can)

Hook Norton Brewery: Chocolate Orange Stout

Holly Paquette Brewery (St. Mars & the Desert): Mole (can)

Hops & Dots Brew Co: Incognito Mode (can)

Hop Kettle Brewery (Swindon): Rising Star; Polaris

*Horsham Brewery Co: The Causeway

Howling Hops Brewery: Soothing Fidelity Imperial Stout; Stereo Belly NIPA; House IPA; Tropical Deluxe Pale Ale; Gliding Home (cans)

Hurly Burly Brewery: Survivale

Jack Rabbit Brewing: In the Beginning there was Jack (can)

Jefferions Brewery: Under the Spotlight; Chasing Shadows; Jungle Madness; You Can Do it Bruce; One Chance Pale (cans)

Kelchner Brewery: Racing Rudolph

Keswick Brewing: Fox Dark (can)

Kinnegar Brewing (Eire): White Rabbit; Big Bunny (cans)

Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery: Pennine Amber (Pennine Way National Park)

Kirkstall Brewery: Cans – Virtuous Aromatic Session IPA (2 versions); Dexter; All Together (collab); Spokane; Human Contact New England Pale (Collab. with The Howl & The Hum); Virtuous Gtrapefruit; Pilsner; Cherry Chip Imperial Chocolate Porter; Whole New World (Collab with Brew York); Jasmine Table Beer; Raynville Chocolate Porter; Gelato Tropicale; Impunity; IPL India Pale Lager (collab. with Bundobust)

Lacons Brewery: Heritage range (750 ml) – Yarmouth Strong; Old Nogg; Audit Ale

Lakeland Brewhouse: Stout

Lennox Brewery: Session IPA; Dumbarton Common; Sons Pale Ale (Dumbarton FC)

Left Hand Giant Brewery: Even Allen Needs Cheeseburgers (Collab. with Verdant)

Leviathan Brewing: Every Day Comes & Goes (can)

*Little Big Dog Brewing: Generic label; St. Arman; Blood Hound; Messianic; B-Movie Monster; Thunderhead; Impolite; Make it Real

Little Goat Brewery: Duffel Goat; Billy Goat Gruff; Siencyn; Stan’s Little Helper; Yankee Doodle Nanny; Hillbilly

Little Monster Brewing: Back Home IPA (can)

Little Ox Brewery: Roobarb Saison; Wise Elder

Liverpool Brewing: Berry Porter; Team Toxic – Real Life Glories; Caught in the Headlights; A Light from a Dead Star

Lost At Sea Brewery: Wipeout; Voyage (cans)

Lovebeer Brewery: Bonnie Hops; Widget; Barney Snuggles; Hair of the Doug; OG; Skyfall; Molly’s; Doctor Roo

Love Lane Brewery: Baltic Berliner (can)

Lucky 7 Beer Co: SIPA; Halo; Dragonfly; Pilsner

McCrackens (Ulster): Chocolate & Vanilla Irish Stout; Hefe; Lagacy; APA

Mad Cat Brewery: Big Stik!

Mad Yank Brewery: Queen Sheera; Auntie Tropical; George, Coffic Milk Stout; A’Oa’ Oa’ O; Ninja Pyjama; Zesty My Bestie; Waffles at Midnight

*Manchester Union Brewery: After Dusk Black Lager (can)

Marstons: No. 3 Horninglow Oak Aged 2020

Meantime Brewery: Winter Spiced Porter (for Marks & Spencer)

Merakai Brewing Co: We Put Our Love in This (can)

*Moll Spring Brewery (formerly Old Moll): Silk Blonde

*Morgan Brew Masters: Ding Dong (Xmas); Reverend; Vaults Gold; Vaults Dark ; Premium Lager; For Crane Hire Solutions – Reverend; Ding Dong; Vaults Gold

Mr. Winter’s Brewery: Implosion Russian Imperial Stout; Vanilla Latte Milk Stout

*Neighbourhood Brew Co (brewed at Poynton Brewery): Hazeadellic East Coast IPA; Trellis Rainbow Pale (cans)

Near Beer Brewing Co: IPA; Pale Ale (now brewed at Hand Brew Co., Worthing)

Neon Raptor Brewing: Zozobra Pale Ale; Release the Pillars; Clusters (cans)

Newbarns Brewery: Table Beer Callista (can)

New Bristol Brewery: Cans -Wonderland; Summercrash; Chocolate Macaroon Stout

Newton Park Brewery: Paradigm (can)

New Inventions Brewery: Dark Intentions Cherry Stout (can)

Northern Monk Brewing: Don’t Mess with Yorkshire (can)

*Northern Monkey Brewing (Bolton): Can – Bit of a Rum Un (Salford Rum Company); Film Club; Rub-a-Dub-Dub; Crank it Up a Gear

*Old Street Brewery: Infinite Bliss Pale Ale; Vlad the Impaler; Ghost Writers (cans)

Orbit Brewing: Dead Wax London Porter

Overtone Brewing: Broon Sugar Stout; Rock the Boat IPA (cans)

The Park Brewery: Gallows Pale Ale; Spankers Hill West Coast IPA (cans)

Pastore Brewing & Blending: Mango Waterbeach Weisse (can)

Pentrich Brewing: Shine Like Millions; Dream Dream Dreaming (cans)

*Penzance Brewing: Scilly Stout; Trink Golden Ale

Philsters Ales: 7th Phase; Big Time IPA; Darkside Porter Ale

Pilgrim Brewery: Saracen 1065 Cave Aged Imperial Stout; Dinner Ale No 3 (old Mellersh & Neale design)

Pilot Beer: Barrel Aged Double Mochaccino Stout

Playbrew Co: Choca Bloca

Polly’s Brew Co: IPA Defending Backbeat (can)

Pomona Island Brew Co: Skip to the End; Phaelon (cans)

*Poynton Brewery: All Day IPA; Broo Lager; Session IPA; Mosaic; Darkside Porter; Lockdown; Vulcan; Slumdog IPA; Fudged (cans)

Pressure Drop Brewery: Black Treacle Stout

Pretty Decent Beer Co: Cans – Milk Stout; Mosaic IPA; The Good Things to Come; New England Pale Ale; Galaxy IPA; Birthday Beer (4 Years of Brewery – Charity donation)

*Queer Brewing: Pale Ale (can – brewed by Cloudwater)

*Raaj Brewery: Premium IPA; Premium Lager (brewed at Silhill Brewery)

Radio City Beer Works: Deer Dance; Alone at Sea (cans)

*Remedy Oak Brewing Co: 1552 The King’s Ale

Redwillow Brewery: Breakfast Stout (can)

Richmond Brewing Co: Gun Dog Bitter

Ride Brewing: Plum Porter; IPA (cans)

Ridgeside Brewing Co: Mangose (can)

F. Robinson: Ginger Tom; Citra IP Hopnik

St. Ives Brewery: Dawn NEIPA (can)

St. Peter’s Brewery: Organic Best Bitter; Plum Porter

Salt Beer Factory: Citra NEIPA Jnr; Huckenback NEIPA; Tram, Double NEIPA; North South Divide (Collab with Siren)

Saltaire Brewery: South Island; Full Tilt; Velocity; Zipwire; Breadwinner (for Morrisons)

Sandbanks Brewery: Breakfast Stout

Shepherd Neame: Whitstable Bay range – Organic Ale; Blonde Lager; Pale Ale; Black Stout; Hatherwood Porter

Stardust Brewery: Eclipse Australian Hopped (can)

*State of Kind Brew Co: Don’t be a D- Just be Kind; Take me Back to Tokyo; Hello, is it me Your’e Looking For?; Together as One (cans)

*Strawberry Fields Brewery: Marmalade Skies; Kaleidoscope (cans)

Stewart Brewing: Project 7 Afogato (can); Up State (for Hatherwood)

Stroud Brewery: Gloucester Organic Ale (for Westmoreland); River Cottage Organic Rye PA (Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall)

Sadlers Brewery: Peaky Blinders Christmas Pudding Ale

Shiny Brewery: Big Rees (can)

Silverstone Brewery: Night Racer; Cruiser (can)

Simple Things Fermentations: No. 14

Siren Brew: One Through Three; Granola Coaster; Surface Waves; Silver Strand; Midnight Stack; Twisted Breakfast Stout (cans)

*Six Hills Brewing (restyled Bog Brew): Cans – Running with the Big Dog; Slingshot to Mars; Hanging Around; Moving the Goalposts; Making A Play; John Drives a Superbus

*Six Sided Beer: Industry Hazy Session Pale (can – brewed at Marble Brewery)

Spitting Feathers Brewery: Repetitive Strain Injury; Special Ale

Sussex Small Batch Brewery: Ruffles White Stout; Reece’s Stout (cans)

Tenby Brewing Co: Hammerhead; Night Swimming; Glow (cans)

Thornbridge Brewery: Cocoa Wonderland; Root 66 Centurion IPA (Joe Root’s 100th Test match)

Three Blind Mice Brewery: Mosaic (can)

Three Hills Brewery (The Outpost, Bermondsey): Jedi Mind Trick (Collab. with Emperor’s Brewery)

Three Sods Brewery: Beatbox IPA (can)

*Thornsett Brewery & Hop Yard: Home Sweet Home Dark Mild Ale; He’s Behind You Indian Pale Ale; Blue Ron’s Ale Light Ale; Newmills Madness Strong Ale

Tiny Vessel Brewing: Double Date Brown Ale

*Trinity Brew Co: That’s My Hazelnut (can)

Triple fff Brewery: Centenary Ale (H R H Prince Philip – for the Royal Collection)

Tryst Brewery: Marshmallow Porter

*Twisted Ankle Brewing Co: Raspberry Road; Table 53; Knife Edge; Take the Strain; Kincraigie; Sugarbush

Unbarred Brewery: Cans – Strawberry Maltshake; Salted Caramel Chocolate Donut; Mango Sour


Utopian Brewery: Now We Are Two Ten Degrees (can)

Vault City Brewing: Raspberry Sour; Tropical Sour

Verdant Brewing: Porter

Vocation Brewery: Sweet Temptation (collab with Brew York); Tr-Hop-ical; Pride & Joy (can) Whitewater Brewing: Belfast Ale

Wickwar Wessex Brewing (now brewed by Butcombe): Platform 61; Just the Ticket; The Night Train

Wild Beer: Cans – IPA; Madness IPA 2021 Limited Edition

Wilde Child Brewing: Hot Fuzz Brownie Huntress (can)

Wiper & True: Cans – Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout; Double IPA

Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries: Banks’s Golden Beer

*Woodstock Brewery: Barry The Boar; Darren The Deer; Dave The Duck; Gary The Grouse;  Harry The Hare; Pete The Partridge; Phil The Pheasant

Wylde Sky Brewing: Continental v2; Double IPA v1; Raspberry Wheat Beer v1; Pacific Pale Ale v1; Saison v3 (cans)71 Brewing: Ge

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