Richard Grice & Son

Thanks to Eric, we now have a potted history for the blog, which will form part of a longer article in the Society Newsletter later in the year.

  • Richard was born in 1828 at Nether Broughton, Leics – the son of John and Mary Grice.
  • He started his working life in the shoemaking trade in Northampton but by 1861 he had set up business in Kensington as a grocer employing “one man and two boys”. Later a branch was established at Cheltenham.
  • There is no evidence that Richard’s business included the supply of ales or beers until, in 1886, he purchased the business of E J Wright & Co Ltd who traded at 106 – 108 High Street, Clapham.  The business of E J Wright (established by 1850) was also primarily that of grocers but by 1880 they are also listed as an “ale and porter merchant”. It appears that their major beer supplier was Ind, Coope & Co.
  • It seems likely therefore that the bottled beer sold by Richard Grice & Son (including Fine Table Ale, London Cooper, London Stout and Dinner Ale) was available from about 1886 and was brewed by Ind, Coope.  Although Richard carried on his business at both Clapham and Kensington (later with the help of his son William) the beer was, it seems, only available at Clapham.
  • Richard sold out his business to Harrods Stores (or more accurately the company which owned Harrods) in 1897.

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