Simpson’s Brewery Ltd., Baldock; labels added

Thank you to John for asking and to ‘Fascinated by beer labels’, (who is that man?) for giving the added impetus. Labels from Simpson’s of Baldock have been uploaded to the site.

Follow Featured Brewery > England > Eastern to find the labels. The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the images of the earlier Pale Ale and Brown Ale labels are not our usual quality. So if you have these, or any other labels that would fit nicely in this section please send in the images. Images, please don’t think I am asking that you send in the labels.

I was a bit stung by the ‘Beer label snobbery’ comment so I have decided to remedy that, starting with some 1960s labels from Mew, Langton of Newport Isle of Wight, although I did add a nice early Nourishing Stout as well.

More coming this weekend and we will be returning to the ‘beer label snobbery’ theme.


  • Pete S

    Well I hope John of Baldock is impressed with next day delivery. Some cracking labels there, makes my few non-snobby (modern, that is) look rather sad. Cannot agree with concept of label snobbery as we are all grateful for our very old labels and I amongst others collect modern sticky back plastic labels. But I do agree that certain people have driven prices to stratospheric levels, which are well beyond the reach of financial ‘mortals’
    End of bleat!

  • John Simpson

    Thank you very much for putting these on the website. Most of them I had not seen before. Is there anywhere I can buy them?

  • Pete S

    Your best bet would be to keep an eye on the well known Internet auction site EBay. You may also find other Simpson memorabilia. It is also possible that some of our members may sell some of their spares. If you would care to contact our newsletter editor I am sure we could run a small advert for you. Cheers

  • AGM

    I will have a check through to see what I can find out re Simpson trademark .

    Nice to see all your new work on Green’s and Buchan’s too. Alan

  • Dale Adams

    Label Snobbery I just do not comprehend!
    I like old labels but I get great collecting joy from landing a label from a new micro-brewery! Some of the micro-brewery labels that I collected just a few years ago are as rare now as some of those breweries from way back when!
    When was the last time you saw a label from the Battersea Brewery Co, London? This brewery only operated for 5 years and there are not many of their labels around as back in those days, unlike today, it was rare for a micro-brewery to bottle their beer.
    I think we will be working hard in the future to feature more and more labels from the wonderful batch of micro-brewery labels! Some of their designs may not be considered classic by comparison to labels from the 20’s & 30’s but who is to say they are not the classics of the future!

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