Site update; additions and tidying up

Over the last week or so, as well as maintaining your interest in the advent calendar, we have been busy in the featured brewery section. Labels from Courage & Co Ltd have been added and can be found HERE.

There have been a number of additions for these breweries:

Duncan Gilmour & Co; lots of variations added plus some beers they bottled HERE

P. Phipps & Co; Dinner Ale, more variations and Guinness HERE

Stroud Brewery Co; The three post merger labels HERE

And a small number of additional labels for Soulby, Swales, Hardy & Hanson and a few others. You will no doubt find them as you browse.

Additional Guinness labels for a number of brewers and bottlers. The are added to the Guinness section as well as the individual brewers.

Guinness are HERE.

Thanks go to Nick for many of the images and providing the stimulus for the Courage.

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