Size Really Matters! At least it does to me.

I am frequently asked why I am so obsessive about the exact size of the labels I buy and sell. Many collectors have decided to collect one example of a particular label. Others, myself included, like to obtain a number of variations in design, colour, shape and size. Following the positive feedback about the ‘spot the difference’ posts, where even experienced collectors have found variations they were previously unaware of, I am extending the idea to size differences. Many breweries produced identical designs to go on quart, pint and half pint bottles. Sometime the size difference is only a matter of a couple of millimeters, that’s one tenth of an inch in old money. The three Beasley Treble Star labels are 83mm, 74mm and 67mm tall. That’s why I like a fairly accurate size on a label description. What do you think??



  • DaleA

    Hi Peter
    I’m with you; Size matters! These were maybe all on different size bottles?
    Generally, I like to find all differences so later when brewers started to put volume sizes on labels, I consider each different volume size to be worthy of adding to my collection.

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Always interested to see what can be found if you know what to look for. Thanks Peter

  • Bob C

    Like this. More please.

  • Bastien

    Different sizes : I keep all of them !
    Different shapes : I keep all of them ! (the rectangulare labels with different “round corners” cut)
    Different fonts : I keep all of them !

    Different papers : I just keep one !
    Different calendar “best before” years : I just keep one !

    Cheers from the French “labelophile”

  • PeteS

    A great new departure on the never ending pursuit of the one I haven’t got (again). Keep up the good work

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