Size really matters #16; Newcastle Breweries Ltd

For about thirty years I had assumed that the large Newcastle Breweries labels were destined for pint bottles. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw a Special Pale Ale label on a well known internet auction site. Fortunately the seller of the label always includes the height of a label in the description, well done Mark, so now I have three variants. So are these labels half pint, pint and quart or nip, half pint and pint? And are there all three sizes for each of the beers brewed at the time, which I think is the 1930s.  Sizes are 71mm, 82mm and 101mm.


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  • Dale Adams

    So Newcastle seem to have done these same size labels for other beers as well including ‘Amber Ale’, ‘Cream Stout’ and of course, ‘Brown Ale’. They may also have done them for ‘Light Pale Ale’. Later, they seem to have standardised on the 82mm & 101mm, that’s 3 1/4″ & 4″ in old money by the way. Guess the ‘nip’ size was dropped?

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