Spot the Difference #101; Mackeson’s Milk Stout

I promise this will be the last images posted of Mackeson’s Milk Stout, but the question needs to be asked. Which of these two is the earlier issue? Did I get it slightly wrong right from the beginning?

Mackeson std - Milk Stout


  • Guy Sankey

    Tried to post a couple of Old Jackson Enamels…If they don’t show look at FB page Sankey’s Memorabilia

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    It is very unusual, but I think you got the dates of the Milk Stouts wrong at the beginning. To my eye, there are three different Mackeson Milk Stout labels on this theme, not counting the half pint. The earliest label is on the left and the latest example on the right. The one in the ‘Size really matters’ photo is different from these two. Not much different I grant you, but different.
    Is there any chance you could follow up this set of labels with a few which show how brewers changed their presentation as public tastes changed and Governments began to insist on accurate descriptions of products.

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