Spot the Difference #114; Hodgson’s Kingston Brewery K. Stout

It is entirely coincidental that the majority of recent additions to this series have been Stout labels. This pair from Hodgson’s Brewery are an identical design, but there are slight differences. Our impression is that the label on the left is the earlier version. K. Stout? Is that Kingston Stout and if it is why not call it that?

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  • Edd Mather

    I`d say that the K appelation is an indication of the age and maturity of the beer contained in the bottle , with the K also being an indicator of the strength .
    I`ve not seen K used much on a label before , usually in brewing records as an expression of brewhouse code .

    (Not got round to looking at the extant Hodgson`s records yet !!)

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