Spot the Difference #117; Alton Court Brewery Co Ltd

Thanks to Pete for providing us with the images for this pair of Golden Hop Pale Dinner Ale labels from Alton Court Brewery in Ross-on-Wye. There can’t be many beers from the 1930s which had a 5 word name. I guess there will be several collectors on the lookout for the missing label for their collections.


  • Eric Dore

    Anyone got a spare of the version without Ross-On-Wye on it !?

  • Eric Dore

    I have a spare of the version with Ross-On-Wye printed on it!!!

  • Pete S

    These will both appear in a future auction.
    Separately of course. Looking forward to all those other 5 word beer names from the same time period.

  • Brendan Bush

    I have neither of these. And it would be wonderful if someone would give me one of their spares.

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