Spot the Difference #125; George Younger & Son Ltd

A first I thought this was just another of those slightly different colour pairs, but these Strong Ale labels from Alloa contain a myriad of tiny differences. We could have used this in a competition to see who can find the most. Let’s get a few responses in this time.


  • Janusz

    Alloa to Produce.

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    This series never fails to provide interest. Looking at the words STRONG ALE all the letters appear to be the same, or very nearly the same, except N which is at a different angle and slightly wider on the label to the left

  • The Printers Devil

    At first sight, you think that the print pressure was greater on the left hand label. You look gain & you think, no it’s the other way round. Then you look properly and lo & behold real differences become apparent.
    The length of ‘Produce of Great Britain’ is different. ‘STRONG ALE’ is also different not just the ‘N’
    Also I believe the ‘GEORGE YOUNGER & SONS’ is marginally different and finally the little green curly thing below ‘ST’ is also different in both size & shape.
    Thats my lot for this pair.

  • Peter D

    All are useful comments and we are grateful for that. The question that will remain unanswered is, of course, why?

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