Spot the difference #59; Tadcaster Tower Brewery

The response to Spot the difference #58 was probably the best we have ever had. However, I still think there are a couple of collectors and brewery historians out there who could and should have commented on our post. I shall be in contact with them again, because I don’t think the matter is anywhere near closed. But thanks to all those who did comment, particularly Mike and Alastair, and of course the elusive ‘Fascinated’. I still can’t work it out. I only visited 2 or 3 breweries that year.

So in the hope that this posting generates a similar or indeed better response, here are two labels from the first brewery I ever visited. I would like possible dating information please.

Tadcaster Tower 2


  • PeteS

    Tadcaster Tower started in York under different name so I guess they continued to bottle there after move to Tadcaster. Did they also continue to brew in York? Darlington ref starts after take over in 1930 but no clues about Grimsby. Unless I missed something in Century ++

  • Michael

    The obvious differences is that the label on the left has a curved ‘Bottled by the Company’ (rather than straight) and has 2 towns mentioned (rather than 3); I really can’t decide whether the tower is different or whether there was more ink on the roller as it was printed and which then spread.
    Both of the differences show individually that the left hand label is earlier than the right. TM & HW Hinde of Grimsby was taken over by Tadcaster Tower in 1930 which was itself then taken over in 1946 which nicely dates the label. An oddity with Tadcaster Tower was that brewing was done in Tadcaster but the head offices was in York – this is a consequence of the origins of the brewery in the 1700’s (but not called Tadcaster Tower then). I believe that Grimsby was a bottling plant which supported both its home and export trade.

  • Peter D

    I am surprised there are not more responses to this posting. Prize Medal Pale Ale was first sold in 1923, having been renamed from Pale Ale because the beer won a Gold Medal at the Brewers Exhibition in 1922.
    The Company bottled at York from the early years of the 20th Century. The Darlington bottling stores date from 1930 when the National Brewery of T M & E W Hinde was acquired, as Michael rightly states. The Grimsby bottling stores were closed in 1942 as a result of the reciprocal arrangements with Hewitts following the Government restrictions on trading areas. So the label on the left is between 1923 and 1930 and the label on the right between 1930 and 1942.

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    A brilliant set of responses. This is what this website should be all about. The super selection of labels and the bonus of the history. Thanks to Michael and Peter. Surely there must be others with a sprinkling of knowledge.
    1996: After the brewery tour we adjourned to the Tithe Barn, amongst others.

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