Spot The Difference #6 – Davenports – Best Bitter

While I am logged on lets go for #6 as well. Although bottled within a couple of months of each other, there is an interesting design change here.

Davenports comparative

In saying this I am not referring to the bottler number either. Please feel free to reply to this post and perhaps, you know which companies the bottlers numbers refer to. If so why not let us know.

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  • bastien

    I think that the batch numbers.
    Very easy to see that the numbers are different but there are more differences.

  • Steve Baker

    The difference is glaringly obvious – the placing of the apostrophe in Davenports. As the name of the company is Davenports, not Davenport I believe the label on the left to be the correct positioning (that on the right implies the singular possessive)

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