Spot the difference #66; Andrew Buchan’s Breweries Ltd

Pleased to see a bit of interest in the Green’s spot the difference, so here are a trio from Andrew Buchan’s brewery in Rhymney. All three are 74mm in height and are probably for half pint bottles, whereas the example pictured in our featured brewery is 109mm tall and I think, is for quart bottles.

Labels from that brewery have just been added to our featured brewery section.

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or this:


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  • Dale Adams

    Nice set of labels. They show a lot of continuity through a number of different issues & likely years for a good design. Something that we do not see much of these days with brewers changing their labels with virtually every bottling! They seem to value ‘fresh’ look and not brand identity. It would appear that the label in the centre is the older of the three. Any idea as to the dates of the use of these labels?

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