Spot the difference #70; T D Ridley & Sons Ltd

It was very good to get a couple of comments to the website, and I have also had some excellent feedback at recent meetings. And taking on the comment from ‘Fascinated’, (who is that man?’), here are two Old Bob labels from Ridleys of Chelmsford. You would miss them if you didn’t know.


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  • Dale Adams

    These differences are very subtle in deed! If I saw one today and the other tomorrow, I am not sure that I would recognise them as being different. That’s the beauty of going to meetings and seeing labels that everyone brings! You get to see loads of labels, up front and personal! I am really looking forward to the upcoming meeting in Derby for just that reason. Last year there was lots on show and I came away with enough new labels for my collection to make the trip well worthwhile. And the beer was great as well!
    See you in Derby, 14 March @ 12:00!

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