Spot the difference #72; Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries Ltd

Two lovely examples from Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries. One of these can be found in many collections, but I am less certain about the other. I am also fairly sure that there will be  a number of collectors who will be checking to see  which one they have. The BYB labels in our featured brewery section have been updated as well.



  • Yorkshire Terrier

    Good to see you are catering for us Yorkshire followers. And yes I did have to look, although I had a pretty good idea I had the one on the left. It is interesting to see how long the Ld. abbreviation for Limited lasted on these labels. I am sure the one on the left was still used in the 1950s. They just didn’t change the labels very often. Keep up the good work.

  • Dale Adams

    Interesting comment on the use of the abbreviation of ‘Ld’ as opposed to ‘Ltd’ which is the more commonly used.
    I also find it strange that Bentley’s also used the abbreviation of ‘Yre’ on the Extra Stout label as seen in the Gallery page. I do not think that I have ever seen ‘Yorkshire’ abbreviated that way anywhere else. Could it be a European thing as the Extra Stout label indicates that it was ‘Bottled By Bentley’s Brussels’! Any one out there know anything about Bentley’s Brussels operations???

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Sorry I don’t know anything about the Brussels connection except to say that I once saw the Extra Stout on a Belgian labels site. It was in the unknown brewery section.
    These last two ‘differences’ are very interesting, Both new to me. I also had to look and like the Yorkie guy, I thought I had the one on the left. And I did. And I have just spotted the John Richdale labels in Featured Brewery. When did that get there? I wasn’t told. I usually get Facebook notifications when you publish new stuff.

  • alastair w

    Who on earth is this guy “fascinated by labels”? The tone of his comments comprising the last three sentences are somewhat demanding. How dare he. People upload their labels as a matter of generosity and the illustrious webmaster gives of his own time to do compose the pages. (BTW I’m not trying to “brown-nose”you here but I do think you do a marvelous job). I’d strongly suggest that Labologists remove the facebook new labels notification facility and that way you’re less likely to get demanding non-members criticising. I’m not yet a member – I keep forgetting to download the membership form and manually filling it out – sorry. But I’ very grateful to be able to upload some of my own albeit very small collection and browse through the magnificent works of art others have sent. Keep up the great work. And, by the way, had anyone got any Scrases of Southampton, Habgoods of Wimborne or Styrings of Poole that they wish to share.
    Regards, Alastairw

  • Peter D

    Response to Alastair’s response to Fascinated’s response to Dale and the Yorkshire Terrier. The mistake that many contributors to this blog make is to assume that a number of collectors regularly supply images of labels to be uploaded to the site. Sadly this is not the case; there are a number of collectors who don’t have the technology or the time to think about how to best develop the website.
    However, we are really pleased with how it is going and the level of interest out there.

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