Spot the Difference #95; John Grove’s Stingo

Another thank you to Nick Drew for sending in scans of a number of new labels in his collection. These two fit so well with the comments from Ike on Adrian’s Desert Island Hunt’s Stingo label. Of course, there were breweries all over the country who brewed a Stingo. Ike, you missed the Blue Anchor at Helston! So here are two Stingo labels from Groves and for those that care, the one on the left is not in my collection.Groves 3


  • Guy sankey

    Brittania, before and after, a Stingo??

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Guy. Genius comment. If only I had thought of that.

  • Pete S

    Which is which though?

  • Charlie D

    The one on the right is definitely before.

  • Ike

    Sorry, I was being a bit pedantic about naming. Blue Anchor brew a Spingo which is obviously from the same route as Stingo. Thanks for pointing it out. Lovely beer.

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