Spot the Difference #99; Elgood’s Olde English Ale

There have been a number of very positive comments recently about how useful this series has been, particularly when one of the pair is fairly common and the second can be picked up for very little money. It has also been pointed out that we haven’t featured many labels from Elgood’s of Wisbech.

Elgood Olde English

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  • Dale Adams

    I don’t know about all the rest of you out there, but these ‘spot the difference’ posts always send me diving into my albums just to see if I have the two labels
    These two are not different and upon checking, I was relieved to find that I did! (Believe me, it is not always the case!)
    Interestingly, the scans do not easily show the differences but rest assured, these are in deed two very different labels!
    While you are in your albums checking, look for the slightly later set of oval labels from Elgoods for which there are 2 different versions of Brown Ale, Malt Stout and Pale Ale! Eldoods must have really liked producing fodder for this blog feature!

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