Stan’s Desert Island Beer Labels #9

There have been several people in our family; father, uncles and great uncles who worked at the Leazes Brewery in Newcastle. It was a bit like a family. If they ever needed more workers, either permanent or temporary, they always asked the workforce if other family members wanted a job. It worked well because no-one would recommend anyone who might not be reliable or hard-working. It got so that there could be 5 or 6 people from one family there. It was a shame when William Younger took Reid’s over and even worse when it became part of Scottish and Newcastle. A bit like trying to merge Newcastle United and Sunderland.



  • Pete S

    Now that is a very nice label & nicely sums up good design. It conveys Who, Where, What within an image you will not easily forget. It has clarity & is not overly complex. Great example

  • Dale Adams

    I could not agree with Pete S more! This label takes my breath away! The design of this label is so appealing in its use of colour, graphics and small details that it epitomises what British beer labels of the early part of the last century are all about.
    How could anyone view this label and not want to own one and start collecting beer labels!!!!

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