Two Million views. Well done us.

Today we hit two million views of our website. We would like to thank all those who have taken the time to browse the news, views and images that fill the pages of this site. We would especially like to thank the single visitors from Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Swaziland and the Cape Verde Islands and lament the lack of visitors from Greenland, South Sudan, Afghanistan or Madagascar. What do we show you to celebrate? Sorry! there is not much relevant out there so you will have to make do with two Millions.


  • Milly Yons

    Well done indeed. Not bad for such a niche hobby, but of course you do engage with many who have varying interests across brewing & history & of course design.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Nick Drew

    A truly Fab-ul-ous total as a certain strictly judge would say.

    Tremendous credit to our Chairman in particular and to all those that have kept us entertained with so many wonderful images, contributions and fascinating material.

    How long before Three Million I wonder!?

  • Mystic Mug

    Late 2020/early 2021but we shall see

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