We did it!!!



  • Dale Adams

    Hi Peter!
    Just checked the ‘ticker’ on website visitors and see that it has turned over 1,000,000!!!!
    What an achievement!! Well done to you & Pete for all the hard work making our site such a success!!
    Thanks also for the others out there that have contributed and a reminder to all of you out there that have not contributed to say ‘why not’!!!!! Come on! Dust off those label albums and scan a few interesting labels and get them to Pete! If you are not a part of this success, SHAME ON YOU!! Get with it!

  • Dale Adams

    Further to my post above, I would like to challenge all you Labologist out there to find and send Peter any and all labels that make reference to a ‘million’ to help us celebrate our site achieving 1,000,000 visits!
    Come on you guys, you must have something!! Get on it!

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Very good guys. It has given me three years of pleasure and lots of learning. Is that Million Pale Ale real or did you make it up?

  • Brendan

    I will say again. First visit on the day you millioned. Really interesting site.

  • Charlie D

    Amazing, well done! It feels like a birthday or New Years Eve with all this jubilation! A great site, with my favourite feature being ‘desert island labels’. Keep up the great work and an even quicker 2 Mil!

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