10oz Pure Dairy Milk #1

Having been away from my collection for a month, I thought this would force me into looking through all my albums to make sure I included every label in my collection which has the lines ’10oz of Pure Dairy Milk’ as part of the advertising slogan. If all goes well one or two others of you will go through your own collections to see if you can add to this theme. I hope so. Kicking off with one of the earliest?? from Mackeson’s of Hythe.



  • Charlie D

    How early are you talking for this label?

  • Peter D

    Mackeson’s milkchurn trademark was in use from 1907. Milk Stout may have been brewed from that time. The Mackeson family sold out to Simonds of Reading in 1920, so I think this is before then.

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Mackeson’s Milk Stout was first brewed in 1907. It proved very popular and was copied by other brewers. Mackeson’s allowed other brewers to use their method under licence, and even took legal action against unlicensed producers. You are right, Simonds of Reading did acquire Mackeson in 1920, solely to gain control of the rights to Milk Stout. The brewery continued to operate. 1929 saw a further sale of the brewery, this time to Jude, Hanbury & Co, a company which was already closely involved with Whitbread. In this way Mackeson Milk Stout became a Whitbread product. The advertising line containing the words’ Each pint contains the energising Carbo Hydrates of 10oz Pure Dairy Milk’ fell out of use by the 1930s. The use of the name Milk Stout was dropped after the Ministry of Food in 1945 threatened action because it didn’t contain milk. And this was well before the Trade Descriptions Act?

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