Additions to the site; Brewers in London, Mystery label #16

Although the labels illustrated are from the time that Fullers Brewery was in Middlesex, I have added them to the Brewers in London feature. It was Dale who mailed me to ask why I hadn’t already included them, and sent some scans. Thank you. Other brewers which are now in London will probably be added. No-one else has contributed anything else over the last few months, even though I deliberately left Watney, Whibread and Young’s out. I guess labels from those breweries  are really scarce. Or could it be ‘ beer label snobbery ‘ at work?

So labels from all 4 breweries have been added and a couple more Trumans.

Bottlers labels will be added after the brewers, so watch out for them.

And there is a topical Mystery Label #16

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