Advent Calendar Day 1. Spot the Difference #180

These two have appeared on a popular online auction site in the last couple of weeks. The first to appear attracted a number of views and several bidders. There was no interest in the second one. What does this tell you?


  • Charlie D

    That people aren’t spotting the difference!

  • John L

    I find I have only the first of these labels, with a neck label reading “Vintage 1987” – glad to see it may be more sought after. I don’t have the second label, but I do have what looks as if it may be the neck label for it, reading “Christmas Ale – 12.8 fl. ozs”. I also have a full bottle of the 1987 vintage – perhaps it’s time to open it after 33 years.

    Incidentally, I don’t know whether I’m simply repeating others’ comments, as I can’t see the comments. Have others had this problem (it doesn’t seem to matter which browser or device I use)?

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