Andrew Buchan’s Breweries

Sorry, forgot to publish the Buchan labels. They are there now. More worrying than my inability to press the correct sequence of buttons is that no-one thought I might need a reminder. Did anyone wonder why they could not be found?


  • Dale Adams

    OK, I did notice but just didn’t want to rub it in! 😉

  • Dale Adams

    A very nice Gallery of labels!
    Just as an aside, hopefully in the near future we could get up a gallery of Crosswells Cardiff Brewery Ltd labels. Crosswells was taken over by Buchan’s in 1936 and the labels issue by Crosswells reflect some of the same style & logo utilisation as the Buchan’s labels.

  • Pete S

    I thought is was a fishing exercise to see how many blog watchers were paying attention.

    Answer: Very few, does not bode well for the general election

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