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  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Does this mean that all the illustrated labels were issued before 1937??

  • PeteS

    No, I don’t believe so. The labels bearing, ‘Bottled at the Brewery’ are almost certainly later as are some of the others in all likelyhood. I will ask some of our experts for their thoughts

  • DesC

    With regard to the 1937 date, there was an EGM held in February 1937 and at it they decided to stop brewing, as it was cheaper to buy in. Bottling was to continue with some new plant. The draught beers they were going to import were Benskins mild and Ind Coope bitter. The head brewer was retired. I believe they started selling off the brewery buildings in 1965, but retained the bottling plant. They then bottled Bass Red Triangle and Worthington White Shield.
    In 1968 due to smallish quantities I think bottles were sent directly from Burton. In 1974 they were still bottling, Guinness and their own products, whatever that means, Light and Brown ale. They were still tinkering around with bottling in 1980, but prices for new equipment were making eyes water. In 1988 ABC merged with Halls and in 1989 the pubs went to Halls.

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